About Me



Who is writing this blog? Well, this is me, Sarah.

And this is my…

…Passion: Guess what!

…Origin: Germany.

…Current Home: Shanghai, China.

…Professional Life: Online Marketing.

…Countries Visited: 35.

…Favorite Country So Far: Japan. But there are so many beautiful places that I can’t narrow it down to only one country.

…Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule. And Wine. Hmmm…maybe I should also mention a non-alcoholic beverage here? Coffee!

…Desired Superpower: Travel through time!

…Bucket List: Sorry, this is definitely too long for this page. 😉

Why do I love traveling so much?

For me traveling is freedom. It is getting out of your comfort zone and explore new cultures, new lifestyles and new mindsets. Do you know this feeling of being lost in a strange city? I love it! Strolling around, exploring new places and taking photos – something I could do the entire day. I can easily forget the time while doing this. Another great thing about traveling are the people you meet. Where else you have the chance to talk to a 75-years old guy who decided to “break out” of society by buying a deserted island 38 years ago and lives there since that day in total seclusion (It’s a true story by the way…)? If I wouldn’t travel I would never meet so many different people and lifestyles. Another reason why I’m addicted to travel is the food. Sashimi in Japan? Nasi Lemak in Malaysia? Gai Du Du in Vietnam? Yummy… more of it, please. I can’t resist to try new dishes at night markets or in local restaurants. I couldn’t even waste one thought of doing a diet while traveling. 😉 I could tell you several hundred more reasons why I have a passion for traveling but instead of bothering you with myself I’d rather like to take you on my journeys. What are you waiting for? Let’s go and explore all the beautiful destinations!