Korea 1 Week Itinerary


If you have one week for your Korea trip, you should check out my Korea 1 week itinerary. One week is actually time enough to explore three of the main cities in Korea: Seoul, Gyeongju and Busan. If you scroll down, you will find my detailed travel guides including bunch of tips for this three cities.

Korea 1 week itinerary

But first let’s take a deeper look to the Korea 1 week itinerary:

Day 1-4: I’ve started my trip in South Korea’s capital Seoul. You should plan at least 3 days in Seoul as the city is huge and has a lot to explore.

Day 4-5: After enjoying the vibrant city life in Seoul, I continued my journey to Gyeongju. Gyeongju is a place full of history and a contrast to Seoul. You ‘ll find a very laid-back and traditional atmosphere in that small city. Gyeongju is named as “the museum without walls” due to its cultural and historical sights. The easiest and fastest way from Seoul to Gyeongju is by train and bus. First you take the KTX train from Seoul station to Daegu which is a 2.5 hours ride and once arrived you hop into a bus to Gyeongju (takes another 45-60 minutes). The trains from Seoul depart every hour to Gyeongju and the whole trip costs you around US$ 40. Don’t worry, it is pretty easy in Korea to travel around as every information is in English and very easy to find. You can book the train tickets online here. I spent 2 days in Gyeongju which was time enough to visit the small city.

Day 5-7: From Gyeongju I took a bus to my next stop Busan. At the Gyeongju main bus station you’ll find hourly buses to Busan. The trip takes about an hour and costs less than US$ 6. And the buses were truly luxurious! Busan is Korea’s second-largest city but still “small” compared to Seoul. Busan is located at the seaside and even has a city beach!


Compared to other Asian countries Korea is quite expensive. I would compare the prices with West Europe. The daily budget for Korea is around $80-100 per person including accommodation (hostel), food, transportation and activities.

Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating local and using public transportation. However, if you stay in a more luxury accommodation or eat out fancy, expect this to be higher!


In my opinion the best time to visit Korea is spring. From April to June the temperatures are mild and perfect for sightseeing. Also the cherry blossom time begins in April. Don’t miss to visit Korea during this magical time. Be careful with the summer months July and August as this is the rainy season in Korea with heavy storms and a lot of rain.







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