Gyeongju Itinerary

Easily to reach from Seoul, there is a place full of history. Gyeongju was the capital of the Korean Silla kingdom and is nowadays the best place in Korea to understand more about their history. Gyeongju is considered as a museum without walls. I visited this historical place and want to share my Gyeongju itinerary with you:

Gyeongju Itinerary DAY 1

DISCOVER a Surreal World of ancient tombs

We start our city walk at the royal tombs in Tumuli Park. The best way to explore Gyeongju is by bike (many guesthouses provide bikes for rent) or to walk. Most of the distances are not too far.

gyeongju itineraryTumuli Park contains 23 of over 200 royal tombs found in Gyeongju. But how do royal tombs look like and what’s the meaning behind it?

gyeongju itineraryOnce you entered Tumuli Park, you feel like being in a surreal world from another universe. The tombs are simply grass hills. Because there are so many of those in the park, it builds a fascinating scenery.

The history behind the tombs is fascinating, too. The Silla royals buried their dead in chambers and built grass hills to cover this chambers. The bigger the hill, the more important the person. You can even go into one of the tombs: Cheonmachong (Heavenly Horse Tomb).



Anapji Pond is another must-do on your Gyeongju itinerary. It’s an ancient pond surrounded by three beautiful pavilions. It’s a perfect photo spot, especially during the night when the old pavilions are illuminated. Just walk around and enjoy the magical scenery around the pond.

gyeongju itinerary


have the best korean dish for dinner

Okay, we’re not talking about calories now. Forget about your diet and try the best Korean dish. Cheese Buldak is a spicy chicken served with melted cheese. Nothing more to add. I was in food heaven.


Gyeongju Itinerary DAY 2

Do a Time travel to Yangdong Folk Village

gyeongju itineraryYangdong Village is a bit outside of Gyeongju but there a several buses operating between the two places. Take the bus numbers 200 – 208, 212, and 217 from Gyeongju Bus Terminal to Yangdong Village. The bus ride will take about 40 minutes.

gyeongju itinerary What to expect in Yangdong Folk Village? My first impression of Yangdong Village was that I’m in an open air museum.

Later, I realized that people are actually still living in the village. In Yangdong Village you will find over 160 traditional Korean houses. Strolling through the narrow alleys feels like traveling in time. Time is standing still in Yangdong Village. Most of the houses are more than 200 years old. I felt like being thrown back to the old Korean times when royals where still ruling the country.

try korean Dishes at Jungang Market

Gyeongju Jungang Market offers hundreds of stalls selling a huge variety of typical Korean dishes such as the Korean sushi, rice cake, spring rolls, fried vegetables, seafood, and so on. There is also a wet market with different kinds of vegetables, fruits,  dried seafood, meat and other delicacies. You can find small restaurants behind the stalls where you can sit and enjoy the freshly cooked food. Perfect for a local lunch or snack!

Where to stay in Gyeongju

During my two days in Gyeongju I stayed in Gyeongju Momojein Guesthouse. This cute traditional house offers a cozy and comfortable accomodation in Gyeongju. Located right in the city center, it’s a good place to discover the city whether by bike or on foot. The atmosphere in that guesthouse is very familial and the hosts are very friendly and give you great tips for your stay in Gyeongju. The private double room costs around US$ 35 per night and includes breakfast.


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